Yoga Bomb (Bath Bomb)

I’m unsure about this product, but I think I love it.

While it might look bland on the outside, this bath bomb puts on an amazing show. As soon as you drop it in the water it turns into a sunshine, firing rays around the bath and turning the bath water bright yellow. After a while a trail of purple spurts out and creates a magical swirl that is mesmerising. Seriously, I couldn’t stop staring at it, I think it hypnotised me a little bit.

I love the bath water at the end of the fizzing, which is a dark amber colour, which is quite fitting for me. The bath is also filled with gorgeous gold glitter that I enjoyed.

I can’t decide if I like the scent of this bath bomb or not, I keep changing my mind about it. It is very woody and earthy, which did make me feel like a woodland fairy, which I guess makes me love it. I also keep being complimented on how I smell which is always very nice.

The thing that I’m most displeased about is that I didn’t find it very relaxing, even though that is the whole purpose of the bath bomb, hence the name.

Overall, this is a good bath bomb. Some people would (or wood. Hehehe) probably love it but I could easily live without it. I’ll probably end up getting it again though, just so that I can feel like a woodland fairy once more.



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